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CPA Cash Kings Intro

Hi, I'm Ezra! Welcome inside CPA Cash Kings, I am very excited for you to be on board and look forward to receiving a testimonial from you with your new CONSISTENT earnings once you take action on the material inside of this course!

I have proudly been a full time CPA marketer for almost 2 years, I can't say the old, “I never thought I would be at this point of making consistent money with CPA for two years straight” because I knew I would, just as YOU should.


Do you know you can? Or is it a possibility? Before going on you should answer that question because in order to see long term success in this business you have to KNOW you will see long term success in this business. You have to visualize this success every day. Visualize and attack! (for my Waterboy fans).

CPA Marketing is not easy. I got into it believing it would be a breeze, and ya know, that turned out to be wishful thinking.

My thought process: “Hey, how hard could it be to get someone to just enter information?”. Which is an understandable way of thinking but when you get down to the nitty gritty and start looking for traffic, the level of perfection you have to reach really hits you.

You can't just throw up an ad on Facebook and throw a $500 daily cap on there and think you're going to cash in just because you have money. Just like you can't be the best at SEO, get a website to the top of Google and think you're going to book a trip to Bahammas the next day if you don't have the perfect niche and the perfect offer.

CPA Cash kings

The method you will learn today is the method that pretty much changed my life and allowed me to give up my job after two months.

I still use this exact method today as in my opinion, it will never get saturated. And as you will soon learn, in my opinion, nothing ever really becomes saturated anyway.

It uses the power of other people's advertising to send you super qualified leads to your CPA offer.

It's a very well set up system and runs very smooth.

Free traffic. Creative. Scalable.

The CPA Cash Kings system is very complete system that can be done in a few steps and it's a complete requirement to keep things simple and refrain from over-complicating things when they don't need to be! Read the whole WSO here

Before I get into the steps you need to take to make your way to the bank to pull out that first paycheck, go ahead and set up a new email account for the purposes of this method only.

There isn't any required way you need to set this email up, it can just be your name. I.e: works just fine! That isn't my email btw...

Second, of course, you need to be a part of a CPA network. Preferably more than one CPA network in case one of your offers ever expires on one; you will have other accounts to switch your traffic over to so you don't lose money. Hopefully, at this point you are already signed up to a CPA network or few, if not, don't worry! I can help you understand the mechanics behind being accepted into any CPA network you wish.

No, it isn't about how much of a rockstar you make yourself out to be, it isn't about lying on your application, it isn't about having a cool website for them to see, it isn't about any of that.

It's quite simple, it's about relationships. It's about giving off an honest, down-to-earth impression when you speak to the affiliate managers who have the power to approve your applications.

If you'd like me to go deeper into this, shoot me an email to my support email given at the end of this WSO.

Now we will get into the method, I'm not sure if you are used to taking notes from a PDF or not, but it always helped me understand things better and see things more clearly, so if you're open to suggestions, I would say take your own notes while reading along!


Spend a decent amount of time studying some simple, effective copywriting techniques.

This can be found totally free everywhere on the Internet, the most credible place would be the Warrior Forum's copywriting section where a lot of awesome tips are given.

There are dozens of other great forums where awesome copywriting tips are giving as well; just google copywriting forum or it's variations and you'll see how many are out there.

Take this step seriously, it's the first step for a reason.

You should put a considerable amount of time into becoming a better copywriter.

This will help you in your career anyway when it comes to writing your own ad copy.

It would be ideal to spend at least a few hours out of the day studying different copywriting techniques, how to make ads read better, how to make stronger Call To Actions, etc.

This may seem like a step you might be able to skip, but unless you already have a bit of copywriting experience it would be worth your while to pay attention to this step and get it done!

Really quick, on this subject, which looks better on a not so mouthwatering vehicle?

1997 Honda(red)

leather seats

2 door


119,000 miles


call joe 3139992333


Automatic, 2 door 97' Honda w/ clean apple red paint job looking for a new owner! Leather seats in great condition. CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN!

Under 120,000 miles and still a long life ahead! Engine is in stable condition, all oil changes kept up to date!

Only asking $3k OBO! Won't last long! Interested in having these keys? Email me at for more information!

If I were reading this, I would pick the second one. Not even much of a difference but it's much more effective of an ad than the first one.

Small tweaks like these can change the outcome of advertisements from a failing campaign to a quick and easy sell.

You don't have to take it overboard and become an absolute stud at copywriting by any means, but study a bit – enough to be better at writing ad copy than the average person.

Post by thronetramp4 (2013-04-22 15:15)

From: Michael
Nice article ! 2013-04-22 15:17

From: michael
Nice artice ! 2013-04-22 15:17

Tags: get wso free wso download wso warrior special offer for free

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